Not So Junior Diver

Ju-87B-2/U4 ‘Stuka’ with skis

Zvezda 1/72, Ref. 7323

We have here a ‘snap-fit, no glue required’ kit, particularly aimed at the younger modellers, for whom it may be their first ever kit.

There are some sizeable assembly plugs to ease the build, but with a total of 89 parts (which seems a lot for a snap-fit kit), it is a kit that might interest more experienced modellers, as it is finely engraved and detailed.  In fact, in their 11-stage instruction notice, Zvezda recommend the use of glue for some of the smallest parts.

A small sprue offers the necessary parts for the Umbau 4 (U4) variant, that is the ski-fitted undercarriage.  Decal-wise, markings are provided for a very standard RLM70/71/65 aircraft on the Eastern Front during the 1941 winter.

Review by Didier Waelkens ; pictures by Didier Waelkens and Zvezda.

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