Shining Light

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

OKB Grigorov 1/350, Ref. 350002

OKB Grigorov has introduced a new range to its already bursting catalogue, ‘Port, Architecture & Fortification’, with a 1/350 rendition of Cape Hatteras’ lighthouse, off the North Carolina coastline.  It’s the tallest such structure in the USA.   

This kit includes 18 resin and 31 photo-etched parts, with the main part of lighthouse made up of three grey and one clear resin parts.  The latter is more translucent than transparent in fact.  Once built, this scale model reaches a height of about 15cm !

The platforms and their supports, and all railings are to be made from the photo-etched parts, the basting’s support being in resin, and very small ! 

A small instruction sheet accompanies the kit, particularly handy for the photo-etched parts.  There are no painting instructions, but all that can be found and seen on the web. Review by Didier Waelkens ; pictures by Didier Waelkens and OKB Grigorov.

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