Ultimate Japanese Spook

F-4EJ Kai Fighter

Fine Molds 1/72, Ref. FP38

The F-4EJ ‘Kai’ is a modernised variant of the F-4EJ that was introduced to improve upon the performances of the basic aircraft and allow it to soldier on for a few more years.  Fine Molds have released a brand new kit of this very specific variant.

The kit is made up of 150 parts in grey and clear injected plastic ; the canopies can be left open or closed.  The various mods are taken into account.  Three external fuel tanks are offered (centerline and wing-carried), but in terms of weaponry, only the (very nice !) pylons are provided : AIM-9s and AIM-7s are to be purchased separately in Fine Molds kit FP39.  Similarly, ejection seat belts are to be found separately on set NA10.

The decal sheet offers three options fot overal grey (FS36320 & 36375) aircraft from 306th, 378th and 440th Squ., the latter being the last F-4EJ modified into the ‘Kai’ standard. 


Review by Didier Waelkens ; pictures by Didier Walkens and Fine Molds

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