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This Blog is an online complement to the IPMS Belgium quarterly magazine, KIT. Its main aim is to allow for the publishing of reviews of new products graciously sent to us by various manufacturers and artisans and of reviews of new products purchased and/or tested by our members. Those are the type of reviews that we have been publishing in KIT for a very long time but it was felt that we needed another outlet, allowing us to publish faster, more regularly, more comprehensively and to a wider audience than can be done in a printed magazine.

Please find below our latest published reviews.

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Blue Lightning

Bugatti 100 “Racer” Special Hobby, Ref. SH72457 The same way the Bugatti racing cars had been winning races after races througout the 1930s, the Bugatti 100 racer, at least according to the original plan, was designed to compete and win the 1939 Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe competition. The overall concept of the low wingContinue reading “Blue Lightning”

Colourful Fokkers

Belgian Fokker D.VII Civilian two-seater OO-AMH & OO-AMI Arctic Decals, Ref. ARC72-069A (OO-AMH) & ARC72-069B (OO-AMI) After the Armistice, a large amount of military equipment was left behind by the German forces. Belgium received at least 70 Fokker D.VII from Germany as war reparations and those excellent machines were incorporated into the Belgian Aéronautique Militaire.Continue reading “Colourful Fokkers”

Staple Food Van

Russian Military Van UAZ 3909 Zvezda 1/35, Ref. 3644 Developped from the very similar-looking UAZ 452, the UAZ 3909 is a 4×4 combi-type vehicle designed for the transport of freight and passengers with emphasis placed on ease of maintenance, excellent cross-country ability and low purchase price. Production of the -452 started in 1965, but theContinue reading “Staple Food Van”

3D Servus Imperatoris

Roman Praetorian Centurion 1st-2nd Century A.C. La Heaumerie du Casque d’Or 1/10 (under licence from Minormous Models) The Heaumerie du Casque d’Or is a Belgium-based shop specialising in figures and busts. Although a large part of their offer is made up of products from a number of well-known companies, they are also very busy 3D-printingContinue reading “3D Servus Imperatoris”

Sherman for the few.

M4A2 Sherman 75mm Zvezda 1/72, Ref. 5063 The latest 1/72 armour kit from Zvezda, this kit is made up of 118 parts cast in the usual ‘Zvezda‘ grey plastic and 2 more (the tracks) in black plastic. The main features of the kit makes this a late M4A2: 47 degree slope glacis and 75mm turretContinue reading “Sherman for the few.”

Hurricane Oh-la-la..!

Dassault Ouragan MD.450 Miniwing 1/144, Ref. Mini341, 342, 343 & 344 Miniwing had in the past, in 2016 to be precise, offered us a very neat-looking Dassault Ouragan in this scale, but a resin one. This material and possibly its price and relative unavailability from mainstream distributors unfortunately made that kit sightings rather rare. Having,Continue reading “Hurricane Oh-la-la..!”

Totally Marchetti.

SF-260 Duo Pack & Book Special Hobby 1/72, Ref. SH72451 This Duo Pack recently released by Special Hobby allows for the making of two 1/72 SF-260s, in any of the following versions : M/M+/AM/D/W/WL. The box art is simply gorgeous but the contents of the box is even better : there are of course two SF-260 kits,Continue reading “Totally Marchetti.”

Sleek Air Bus

Airbus A350-900 Zvezda 1/144, Ref. 7039 The sleek-looking Airbus A350 is the latest of Zvezda’s airliner kits to reach us. The A350 is a very large airplane destined to replace the A330/340 family (and by the same token, compete with Boeing’s 777s and 787s). Made up of over 50% in composite materials, it features theContinue reading “Sleek Air Bus”


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