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This Blog is an online complement to the IPMS Belgium quarterly magazine, KIT. Its main aim is to allow for the publishing of reviews of new products graciously sent to us by various manufacturers and artisans and of reviews of new products purchased and/or tested by our members. Those are the type of reviews that we have been publishing in KIT for a very long time but it was felt that we needed another outlet, allowing us to publish faster, more regularly, more comprehensively and to a wider audience than can be done in a printed magazine.

Please find below our latest published reviews.

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Universal Warrior

Soviet Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle BRDM-2 Zvezda 1/35, Ref. 3638 Entering service in the Soviet army in 1962, the BRDM-2 is an amphibious armoured patrol car used ever since by the Soviet Union and then Russia.  Over 7,200 vehicles have been built and were widely exported.  BRDM-2s are still operational in over 60 countries literally fromContinue reading “Universal Warrior”

Belgian Treat

KIT 201 IPMS Belgium As you read those lines, the 201st issue of the IPMS Belgium magazine is about to be released.  Its 56 pages are bringing yet again a very broad range of feature articles ranging from a rather sexy race car to braille scale armour, from autogiro to larger scale armour, from flightContinue reading “Belgian Treat”

Wind of Change

Rafale ‘Export Versions’, Part.1 SyHart 1/48 & 1/72, Ref. 48-918S & 72-918S For those of us loving the Rafale, it’s quite nice to see that a number of countries are at last showing some interest in this machine.  Of course, Rafale is a weapon and we should probably not be so happy to see humankindContinue reading “Wind of Change”

Incoming Heavy Weather

Tempest Mk.II ‘The Last RAF Radial Engine Fighter’ Special Hobby 1/48, Ref. SH48214 Special Hobby have been kind enough to share some pictures of their forthcoming quarter-scale Tempest II kit, due out in May 2021. This will be a ‘Hi-Tech’ kit produced in co-operation with Eduard.  Resin parts, masks and photo-etched parts will obviously beContinue reading “Incoming Heavy Weather”

Red Pike

Soviet WWII Shchuka (Shch) Class Submarine Zvezda 1/144, Ref. 9041 The Shchuka- (or Sh-, or even Chrch-) class submarines were medium-sized soviet boats.  111 of them were built in seven different dockyards and were used in anger during WWII.  ‘Shchuka’ means ‘Pike’ in Russian.  Their numbering reflected their area of operation: the 100 Series operatedContinue reading “Red Pike”

Heavy Weather Forecast

Westland Whirlwind F Mk.I ‘Canon Fighter’ Special Hobby 1/32, Ref. SH32047 We are very pleased to be able to share some pictures of the forthcoming Special Hobby 1/32 Westland Whirlwind! It is a much awaited release and will no doubt be sight to be seen on the club and competition tables once the shows startContinue reading “Heavy Weather Forecast”

Early Red SPG

SU-122 Soviet Self-Propelled Gun Zvezda 1/72, Ref. 5043 Following the release of the SU-85 in 2020, Zvezda is enlarging its range of SPGs with the earlier SU-122.  This vehicle was designed during 1942 as an assault gun for infantry support, a type of weapon very successfully used by the German army with their StuG III.Continue reading “Early Red SPG”


Russian Launch Vehicle S-400 « Triumf » SA-21 Growler Zvezda 1/72, Ref. 5068 The S-400 Triumf, NATO-coded SA-21 Growler, is a medium to long-range anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapon system that entered service in Russia during 2007.  The system includes a command centre vehicle, radar-carrying vehicles that are linked to several launchers. It is the missile-launcher vehicle thatContinue reading “Grrrrr..!”

Liquid Rust

Liquid Pigments Set : Rust Green Stuff World, Ref. GSW-10126 This product was designed to create weathering effects like powdered pigments, but you do not need to worry about losing them, or fixing them. They are best applied on a painted surface, a light spray of gloss varnish will improve the capillarity effect.  The productContinue reading “Liquid Rust”


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