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This Blog is an online complement to the IPMS Belgium quarterly magazine, KIT. Its main aim is to allow for the publishing of reviews of new products graciously sent to us by various manufacturers and artisans and of reviews of new products purchased and/or tested by our members. Those are the type of reviews that we have been publishing in KIT for a very long time but it was felt that we needed another outlet, allowing us to publish faster, more regularly, more comprehensively and to a wider audience than can be done in a printed magazine.

Please find below our latest published reviews.

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Snap Yak

Yak-9D Soviet Fighter Zvezda 1/72, Ref. 7313 The long-range version of the famed Yak-9 is the latest aircraft release from Zvezda. Although labelled as a ‘snap fit no glue required‘ kit, it is still made up of 57 parts, two of which are molded in clear plastic. The amount of detail is impressive, shaming someContinue reading “Snap Yak”

Razzle Dazzle

Agusta Westland A109 & the Belgian Air Force A109 Display Team HMH Publications, Duke Hawkins Aircraft in Detail 24 ISBN 978-2-931083-16-1 It’s a superb new title that’s just been added to the Duke Hawkings series of monographies. The subject of this new book is the Agusta Wesland A109 with numerous excellent colour pictures illustrating theContinue reading “Razzle Dazzle”

Bush Flyer

Cessna C-185 Skywagon KP 1/72, Ref. KPM0234 That is a VERY welcome release from the Czech manufacturer, one of those ‘unsung heroes’ type of aircraft, built in large quantity and gracing many airfields across the globe for over 60 or so years, one that should have been available to us in kit form a longContinue reading “Bush Flyer”

The Fly is back!

Douglas Dc-9-30 ‘Adria Airways‘ Sabrekits 1/144, Ref. SBK14003 Fly’s 1/144 DC-9-30 makes another welcome return thanks to fellow Czech company Sabrekits, this time with markings for the recently (2019) deceased Adria Airways of Slovenia. The kit dates back to 2009 and has been released since by a number of companies such as 26 Models, KarayaContinue reading “The Fly is back!”

Bulldog Revival

S.A. Bulldog T.1 ‘Overseas Services‘ KP 1/72, Ref.KPM0301 Having just recently started working on the old Airfix Scottish Aviation Bulldog kit, it was with great interest I heard about the upcoming release of a similar kit from KP in the Czech Republic. The wait was not long and I’m happy to share my views onContinue reading “Bulldog Revival”

Solo Rafale 10.0

SyHart Decal 1/72 & 1/48, Ref. 72-142 & 48/142 The 2019-20 airshow season was the tenth during which a solo display Dassault Rafale was shown wearing a very colourful scheme, this season’ scheme consisting of a large number 10 (the zero encompassing the French cockade on the left wing) over gold, black and the basicContinue reading “Solo Rafale 10.0”

Frank-ly Amazing!

Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate ‘Expert set’ Arma Hobby 1/72, Ref. 70051 Arma Hobby are in the process of becoming big in this small world of ours. Their kits have a very good reputation in terms of quality. I have been looking forward to get my hands on their 1/72 Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate, first released as anContinue reading “Frank-ly Amazing!”

Blue Lightning

Bugatti 100 “Racer” Special Hobby, Ref. SH72457 The same way the Bugatti racing cars had been winning races after races througout the 1930s, the Bugatti 100 racer, at least according to the original plan, was designed to compete and win the 1939 Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe competition. The overall concept of the low wingContinue reading “Blue Lightning”

Colourful Fokkers

Belgian Fokker D.VII Civilian two-seater OO-AMH & OO-AMI Arctic Decals, Ref. ARC72-069A (OO-AMH) & ARC72-069B (OO-AMI) After the Armistice, a large amount of military equipment was left behind by the German forces. Belgium received at least 70 Fokker D.VII from Germany as war reparations and those excellent machines were incorporated into the Belgian Aéronautique Militaire.Continue reading “Colourful Fokkers”


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