Peaceful Kamikaze

Mitsubishi Karigane Aircraft (Ki-15) KAMIKAZEWorld record flight Japan to Europe in 1937

Fine Molds 1/48, Ref. FB26

This ‘Kamikaze’ (Divine Wind) is the prototype of the Mitsubishi Ki-15 Karigane.  Wearing the registration J-BAAI, sponsored by the Asahi Shinbun newspaper, crewed by pilot Masaaki Iinuma and navigator Kenji Tsukagoshi, the aircraft made the world news in April 1937 for the first ever flight from Tokyo to London under 100 hours.

The kit includes 5 light grey sprues, another one in clear plastic, a decal sheet and instructions.  The latter is clear with colours given in Japanese and English.  The parts are simply beautiful, finely engraved throughout, and assemvbly should be easy.  The decal sheet only include markings for the record-breaking aircraft.  A little-known subject, but an interesting and graceful one.

Review by Daniel Clamot ; pictures by Daniel Clamot and Fine Molds

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