Suicide Sub

Kaiten Type 1 Imperial Japanese Navy Human Torpedo

Fine Molds 1/72, Ref. FS1

The Kaiten Type 1 was a human torpedo operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy towards the end of WW2.  Frankly, given it’s size, 14.75m long on can certainly talk about a pocket submarine, a Kamikaze pocket submarine.

Fine Molds’ kit is made up of 15 parts for the torpedo and a further 13 for its trolley.  The light grey plastic is finely engraved, shows off some rivet detail and a fine representation of various weld lines on the body of the weapon.  Colour-wise, it’s black and more black, unless the training variant is selected in which case it’e black and white.  Three variants are offered in terms of markings/decals ; the instructions are in black and white too, and mostly in the Japanese language, though paint references (Gunze and Tamiya) are also given in English and..  German !

Review by Didier Waelkens ; pictures by Didier Waelkens and Fine

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