Ultimate Japanese Spook

F-4EJ Kai Fighter Fine Molds 1/72, Ref. FP38 The F-4EJ ‘Kai’ is a modernised variant of the F-4EJ that was introduced to improve upon the performances of the basic aircraft and allow it to soldier on for a few more years.  Fine Molds have released a brand new kit of this very specific variant. TheContinue reading “Ultimate Japanese Spook”

Peaceful Kamikaze

Mitsubishi Karigane Aircraft (Ki-15) KAMIKAZE – World record flight Japan to Europe in 1937 Fine Molds 1/48, Ref. FB26 This ‘Kamikaze’ (Divine Wind) is the prototype of the Mitsubishi Ki-15 Karigane.  Wearing the registration J-BAAI, sponsored by the Asahi Shinbun newspaper, crewed by pilot Masaaki Iinuma and navigator Kenji Tsukagoshi, the aircraft made the worldContinue reading “Peaceful Kamikaze”

Suicide Sub

Kaiten Type 1 Imperial Japanese Navy Human Torpedo Fine Molds 1/72, Ref. FS1 The Kaiten Type 1 was a human torpedo operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy towards the end of WW2.  Frankly, given it’s size, 14.75m long on can certainly talk about a pocket submarine, a Kamikaze pocket submarine. Fine Molds’ kit is madeContinue reading “Suicide Sub”

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