Upgraded MBT

T-90MS Russian Main Battle Tank

Zvezda 1/72, Ref. 5065

The Russian T-90MS “Proryv” is the latest iteration of the mighty T-90A MBT.  A new turret, with advanced fire control system “Kalina” and its integrated combat information and control system, is one of the new features of the Russian vehicle. In addition, the tank is equipped with a modernised 125mm smoothbore gun with a new automatic loading device and a remotely controlled anti-aircraft machine gun.  Protection consists of the newest reactive ‘Relikt’ armor bricks.  All in all, mobility and security of the T-90MS tank have improved considerably over the earlier variants.  The T-90MS only recently entered production for the benefit of the Russian army, but India will also be building the new vehicle under licence, while Egypt should also start receiving theirs soon.

When opening the box, the kit looks gorgeous. It is made up of 4 sprues in gray plastic plus a sprue in black, semi-rigid plastic for the tracks and totals 198 parts, some extremely fine and yet well-molded. The instruction sheet is printed in black and white and appears to be easy to understand.  Generic markings and full-colour painting instructions are provided for an attractive three-tone Russian T-90MS.  Certainly a must for Russian AFVs lovers!


Review by Daniel Clamot, pictures by Zvezda & Christophe Pouillard.

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