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Staple Warrior

Soviet Main Battle Tank T-62 Zvezda T-35, Ref. 3622 Long after Tamiya (1988!) and even after Trumpeter (2009), it is Zvezda’s turn to offer us a very nice T-62, backbone of the Soviet tank force for almost one fifth of a century, and familiar silhouette of countless conflicts all over the globe since 1969. 344Continue reading “Staple Warrior”


Upgraded MBT

T-90MS Russian Main Battle Tank Zvezda 1/72, Ref. 5065 The Russian T-90MS “Proryv” is the latest iteration of the mighty T-90A MBT.  A new turret, with advanced fire control system “Kalina” and its integrated combat information and control system, is one of the new features of the Russian vehicle. In addition, the tank is equippedContinue reading “Upgraded MBT”