Red Pike

Soviet WWII Shchuka (Shch) Class Submarine Zvezda 1/144, Ref. 9041 The Shchuka- (or Sh-, or even Chrch-) class submarines were medium-sized soviet boats.  111 of them were built in seven different dockyards and were used in anger during WWII.  ‘Shchuka’ means ‘Pike’ in Russian.  Their numbering reflected their area of operation: the 100 Series operatedContinue reading “Red Pike”

Suicide Sub

Kaiten Type 1 Imperial Japanese Navy Human Torpedo Fine Molds 1/72, Ref. FS1 The Kaiten Type 1 was a human torpedo operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy towards the end of WW2.  Frankly, given it’s size, 14.75m long on can certainly talk about a pocket submarine, a Kamikaze pocket submarine. Fine Molds’ kit is madeContinue reading “Suicide Sub”

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