Sherman for the few.

M4A2 Sherman 75mm Zvezda 1/72, Ref. 5063 The latest 1/72 armour kit from Zvezda, this kit is made up of 118 parts cast in the usual ‘Zvezda‘ grey plastic and 2 more (the tracks) in black plastic. The main features of the kit makes this a late M4A2: 47 degree slope glacis and 75mm turretContinue reading “Sherman for the few.”

More Sherman Hardware from the East

US Medium Tank M4A3(76)W Sherman Zvedda 1/35, Ref. 3676 Zvezda continues their work on the M4 Sherman family with this recently-released M4A3(76)W, offered in their traditional ‘sleeved up’ cardboard box that adequately protects the 322 plastic parts. The box is neatly illustrated with a US Army vehicle. The kit itself is molded in Zvezda’s typicalContinue reading “More Sherman Hardware from the East”

Dutch Landings

WW2 British landings at Weskapelle, November 1944 Black Lion Decals 1/72, Ref. BLD72065 It’s a little-known military operation that Black Lion Decals are covering with this new decal sheet, but it should at least interest quite a few modellers and fans of British military history.  The port of Antwerp in Belgium was very early onContinue reading “Dutch Landings”

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