Dead-ended Panther

German Medium Tank VK. 3002 (DB) with suspension type II OKB Grigorov 1/72, Ref. 72086 What an awkward surprise for the Germans to face the unexpected T34/76 during the Barbarossa’s invasion of the Soviet Union in spring 1941. Pretty rapidly, in November 1941, the Heereswaffenamt outlined specifications for a whole new 30-35 tons class tankContinue reading “Dead-ended Panther”

Feline-footed T-34

Wheels for T-34, adapted Panther wheels type 1 OKB Grigorov 1/72, Ref. S72457 Photographic evidence shows that Panther roadwheels were fitted to some Soviet T-34/76s, T-34/85s and SU-85s, possibly as an expedient before proper repair could be carried out.  They were usually fitted to stations 2 and 4, probably because they were weaker by designContinue reading “Feline-footed T-34”

Smaller Tracks

Tracks for T-72, Tiger, Panther & KV OKB Grigorov 1/100, Ref. S100001, S100004, S100005 & S100002 Good news for those hooked by Zvezda’s 1/100 AFV kits, OKB Grigorov has started a range of updates for those lovely little kits, starting with resin tracks for the T-72 MBT and Tiger, Panther and KV tanks.  Excellent quality,Continue reading “Smaller Tracks”

Mini Panther

German Light Tank VK.1602 OKB Grigorov 1/72, Ref. 72076 Work on the VK 16.02 project started in 1941, as the need for a heavier tracked reconnaissance vehicle was being felt by the German Army.  The development phase was marked by a change of contractor from M.A.N., too involved with the Panther, to MIAG (hull) andContinue reading “Mini Panther”

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