Little-known Kitty

German Medium Tank VK.3002 (DB) with suspension type I OKB Grigorov 1/72, Ref. 72089 Some time ago, I reviewed the German Medium Tank VK 3002 Daimler Bens (DB) with suspension type II produced by OKB Grigorov under the reference 72086. Just to remind that this VK 3002 (DB) was in competition with the Maschinenfabrik AugsburgContinue reading “Little-known Kitty”

Dead-ended Panther

German Medium Tank VK. 3002 (DB) with suspension type II OKB Grigorov 1/72, Ref. 72086 What an awkward surprise for the Germans to face the unexpected T34/76 during the Barbarossa’s invasion of the Soviet Union in spring 1941. Pretty rapidly, in November 1941, the Heereswaffenamt outlined specifications for a whole new 30-35 tons class tankContinue reading “Dead-ended Panther”

Feline-footed T-34

Wheels for T-34, adapted Panther wheels type 1 OKB Grigorov 1/72, Ref. S72457 Photographic evidence shows that Panther roadwheels were fitted to some Soviet T-34/76s, T-34/85s and SU-85s, possibly as an expedient before proper repair could be carried out.  They were usually fitted to stations 2 and 4, probably because they were weaker by designContinue reading “Feline-footed T-34”

Smaller Tracks

Tracks for T-72, Tiger, Panther & KV OKB Grigorov 1/100, Ref. S100001, S100004, S100005 & S100002 Good news for those hooked by Zvezda’s 1/100 AFV kits, OKB Grigorov has started a range of updates for those lovely little kits, starting with resin tracks for the T-72 MBT and Tiger, Panther and KV tanks.  Excellent quality,Continue reading “Smaller Tracks”

Mini Panther

German Light Tank VK.1602 OKB Grigorov 1/72, Ref. 72076 Work on the VK 16.02 project started in 1941, as the need for a heavier tracked reconnaissance vehicle was being felt by the German Army.  The development phase was marked by a change of contractor from M.A.N., too involved with the Panther, to MIAG (hull) andContinue reading “Mini Panther”

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