Figure Painting Bible

Figure Painting Techniques – F.A.Q.  by Kirill Kanaev AK Interactive, Ref. AK630 This book, covering materials and tools to the various stages involved in the building and painting of figures, represents a comprehensive reference for the figure painter. Its 484 pages are divided into six well illustrated chapters and a very useful comparison chart forContinue reading “Figure Painting Bible”

Tutorial: Weathered Calvaire Normand

This nice diorama accessory is available from Unicorn Models (Ref. 35.65.028) The ‘granite’ or ‘rough marble’ base was first primed with an ordinary spray can, then spray painted with textured paint from Spectrum, available in Belgium from Action. The base was painted with Tamiya Smoke and then finished with different shades of Vallejo Grey, theContinue reading “Tutorial: Weathered Calvaire Normand”

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