Bush Flyer

Cessna C-185 Skywagon KP 1/72, Ref. KPM0234 That is a VERY welcome release from the Czech manufacturer, one of those ‘unsung heroes’ type of aircraft, built in large quantity and gracing many airfields across the globe for over 60 or so years, one that should have been available to us in kit form a longContinue reading “Bush Flyer”

In Memoriam

Lavochkin La-5 ‘Valerij Ckalov’ KP 1/72, Ref. KPM0172  Valery Ckalov was a famed Soviet test pilot accidentally killed in 1938.  The Lavochkin La-5 entered service during 1942, and if still inferior to the German planes at that time, its impressive flying characteristics made it a worthy and dangerous adversary for most German pilots.  Over 9,900Continue reading “In Memoriam”

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