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Sleek Air Bus

Airbus A350-900 Zvezda 1/144, Ref. 7039 The sleek-looking Airbus A350 is the latest of Zvezda’s airliner kits to reach us. The A350 is a very large airplane destined to replace the A330/340 family (and by the same token, compete with Boeing’s 777s and 787s). Made up of over 50% in composite materials, it features theContinue reading “Sleek Air Bus”


European Heavy-lifter

Atlas A400M in Service with Air Forces around the World Duke Hawkins Aircraft in detail 019, by R. Pied & N. Deboeck HMH Publications, ISBN 978-2-931083-09-3 After almost 50 years of (very) good and loyal service, the C-130Hs of the Belgian Air Force will definitively leave our national sky in December 2021 for a well-deservedContinue reading “European Heavy-lifter”

Sleek New Airbus

Airbus A320neo Civil Airliner Zvezda 1/144, Ref. 7037 The Airbus A319/320/321neo are part of a ‘second generation’ family of airliners built upon the successful ‘A319/A320/A321’ family designed during the latter part of the past century.  The more modern design first flew in 2014 and entered service with Lufthansa in early 2016 and, with over 7,000 aircraftContinue reading “Sleek New Airbus”