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Short-lived Scout

Soviet Light Tank T-70B Zvezda, Ref. 3631 Amongst the recent Zvezda releases is this 1/35 T-70B light tank, a vehicle that reminds me, with its rather less ‘typically soviet brutish’ look, a certain ‘Pz III’. The kit consists of 206 parts spread out on four large green plastic and one much smaller transparent plastic runners.Continue reading “Short-lived Scout”


More Sherman Hardware from the East

US Medium Tank M4A3(76)W Sherman Zvedda 1/35, Ref. 3676 Zvezda continues their work on the M4 Sherman family with this recently-released M4A3(76)W, offered in their traditional ‘sleeved up’ cardboard box that adequately protects the 322 plastic parts. The box is neatly illustrated with a US Army vehicle. The kit itself is molded in Zvezda’s typicalContinue reading “More Sherman Hardware from the East”