Nordic Sharks

Swedish Vastergotland-class submarine OKB Grigorov 1/700, Ref. 700134 Norwegian Ula-class submarine OKB Grigorov 1/700, Ref. 700133 The Vastergotland-class included four 48.5m-long diesel-electric ships commissioned in the late 1980s.  All four ended up being refitted and lengthened to the Sodermanland-class standard in the early 2000’s, two of them being then sold do Singapore where they wereContinue reading “Nordic Sharks”

Monster of the Deep

Soviet submarine project 941 Akula – NATO name Typhoon OKB Grigorov 1/1200, Ref. 120005 The Akula (shark)-class submarines are better known under their NATO reporting name, ‘Typhoon’. Six of them were commissioned during the late 1970s and 1980s, those 173m long monsters, able to reach 25 knots underwater, were the stuff of nightmares for alliedContinue reading “Monster of the Deep”

Stalin’s Work Horse

Soviet Medium Tank Mod.1942 T34/76 Zvezda 1/35, Ref. 3686 No need to introduce the T34, widely regarded as the best armoured fighting vehicle of the Second World War.  The so-called Model 1942 introduced many refinements and simplifications to improve upon the performances and operation of the earlier variants while at the same time facilitate massContinue reading “Stalin’s Work Horse”

Upgraded MBT

T-90MS Russian Main Battle Tank Zvezda 1/72, Ref. 5065 The Russian T-90MS “Proryv” is the latest iteration of the mighty T-90A MBT.  A new turret, with advanced fire control system “Kalina” and its integrated combat information and control system, is one of the new features of the Russian vehicle. In addition, the tank is equippedContinue reading “Upgraded MBT”

Lend-lease Mainstay

Sherman M4A2 75mm Zvezda 1/35, Ref. 3702 The kit is attractively boxed up in the now usual Zvezda style, a strong blank cardboard box contained inside a thinner full-colour sleeve.  The later features a Soviet vehicle as box art and at the back, colour schemes (Olive Drab overall) for two tanks on the Eastern Front,Continue reading “Lend-lease Mainstay”

Surprise Limited Edition…

Kunkadlo Eduard 1/72, Ref. 2130 Czech brothers Bohuslav and Vladimir Simunek started building the Kunkadlo in 1926. The aircraft first flew the following year and was modified, its wing being moved backwards and upwards, before taking part, piloted by Vladimir, to a number of airshows. Grounded in 1930 because of technical issues, it lay un-usedContinue reading “Surprise Limited Edition…”

Not-so-successful Sub…

HMS R10 OKB Grigorov 1/350, Ref. 350011 The R-class series of diesel-electric submarines were the forerunners of the modern attack submarine, specifically designed for underwater performance and the attack and sinking of enemy submarines.  Twelve were built towards the end of WWI for the Royal Navy but only one saw action very late in theContinue reading “Not-so-successful Sub…”

Tiny Fish!

RN Trafalgar-class submarine OKB Grigorov 1/1200, Ref. 120001 After having developed a sizeable range of 1/700 submarine kits, OKB Grigorov have started releasing some 1/1200 kits.  Un-surprisingly, knowing Georgi Grigorov’s fondness of Old Blighty, the first kit of this new range is a Trafalgar-class sub from the Royal Navy.   The kit comes in a tinyContinue reading “Tiny Fish!”

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