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New Approach

Until now, and in contrast with our Dutch/French languages quarterly magazine, our Blog entries were published in the English langage as a way to reach out to more scale modellers but also as a way to save time and resources. Translating each article into French and Dutch would take up too much of our translators’ time.

However, we now feel that current translation aids found on the Internet are sufficiently accurate and powerful to allow us to publish any article in (almost any) langage it is sent in.

Therefore, we will from now on publish all Blog articles in any of the four following langages : Dutch, French, German and English.

So, feel free to send us in any review of any new scale modelling product (kits, decals, accessories, books, tools,..) you have just purchased or tested!

Dan & Domi

KIT Magazine & IPMS Belgium Blog Editors

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