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Warring Mirages

Mirage IIICJ

Special Hobby 1/72, Ref. SH72352

Expected for a while now, Special Hobby’s Mirage III is now available. This first boxing will be followed y others, offering different markings and options, inclusing our very own Belgian Mirage 5. This first kit is that of the Israeli Mirage IIICJ.

There are, in this kit, 5 runners molded in the usual medium grey plastic, a small sprue featuring the clear parts, a decal sheet and an instruction sheet.

The parts look good with very fine and regular engraved panel lines. Only a little flash can be spotted on the B runner, around part 40, and on the I runner that bring in all the external stores ; the latter, wearing the letters ‘IAF’ is molded in a slightly lighter grey plastic and is obviously tracing its origins in another, earlier kit. In any case, this flash is not very bothersome and will not cause any real issue.

The fuselage halves include the nose, but not the fin, which is normal since two types of fins are offered in the kit.

The cockpit is nicely detailed for this scale, with raised bits on the side consoles, while the front instrument panel is flat ; a decal is offering the instruments. No seat belts are given for the MB.4 seat.

The instruction sheet includes a ‘A Few Tips and Tricks for Easier Assembly’ insert that advise a slightly different order of progression for stages 10 to 14. Also included is a useful grid showing possible external store combinations.

The decals appear very thin and are nicely printed, with four possible options :

  • Mirage IIICJ 52, 101 Sqn
  • Mirage IIICJ 745, 117 Sqn
  • Mirage IIICJ 60, 117 Sqn
  • Mirage IIICJ 784, 119 Sqn

This remains to be built and tested but it does look like a very fine representation of the iconic Dassault fighter, one that should delight many amongst us !

Review by Daniel Clamot

Photos by Special Hobby & Daniel Clamot

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