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Monster Truck

KAMAZ-43509 Truck

Zvezda 1/35, Ref. 3657

KAMAZ have, over the past few years, earned themselves a name in truck racing, in particular when it comes to competing in the very demanding Dakar Rally. Zvezda have recently released the 2022 variant of the massive KAMAZ-43509 ‘Master‘ that performed so well during that year’s Dakar.

This is a big kit, 21cm long and featuring no less than 275 parts. The level of detailing is excellent throughout, though several aftermarket companies already have issued various sets to improve the look of the vehicle, both inside and out.

What is surprising and that may put many modellers off is the fact that Zvezda choose to release this racing truck in 1/35 rather than in the far more popular (for civilian vehicles that is) 1/24 scale…

Most of the build concerns the innards, with very comprehensive chassis, the 1,150hp (!!) engine, transmission, suspension and cabin furnishing. The large 1,000-liter fuel tank is also on offer but just a handful of (large) body parts will hide most of all those details away..!

The six tires are moulded in vinyl, with excellent detailing too.

One of the decal sheet is pretty big and some markings might require some skills to apply given the surface details and curves of some of the body parts. The glass of the two side mirrors is given as stickers.

Although the marking options are limited to the single 509-numbered vehicle of the 2022 Dakar in Saudi Arabia, and despite the unusual scale, it is a stunning kit that appears to build into a very impressive model. The model begs to be displayed ‘opened up‘ to reveal all those hidden details.

Real life considerations also mean that this kit could soon become a rarity, Red Bull in particular having stopped co-operating with KAMAZ following the Russian invasion of Ukraine…

Review by Domi Jadoul

Photos by Domi Jasdoul & Zvezda

Review kit graciously provided by Zvezda.Europe

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