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Hi-Res Bomb Crew

RAF Bomber Crew (WWII), Ref. 481133

USAF Bomber Crew (WWII), Ref. 481134

PJ Production, 1/48.

Two new ‘must-haves’ from PJ Production for the 2nd WW RAF and USAAF bomber enthusiasts: those who like to bring life to their cockpits will be pleased with these two recent sets, each providing two seated pilots. One features RAF pilots (481133) while the other features two USAAF pilots (481134).

These figures were designed on computer and the masters were then made on a 3D printer with a resolution of… 2 microns! This guarantees unequalled finesse and precision. The silicone moulds are made next with these masters and the figures are cast afterwards in resin using the classic method.

Each set features two figures, different of course, each of which is broken down into 4 parts, the torso with the head, legs and each arm. One of the figures is holding the flight controls; the second figure in the USAF set is holding a map or checklist and wearing sunglasses…
Also available in 1/72 scale, Ref. 721145 and 721146 respectively.

Review by Didier Waelkens; pictures by PJ Production

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