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Sikorsky’s Workhorse

Sikorsky H-34 in Europe

Mark1 Models 1/144, Ref. MKM144146

Mark1 Models have been kind enough to provide us some pictures of their forthcoming 1/144 H-34 helicopter, a much welcome subject in a scale that is slowly but surely becoming ever more ‘mainstream’ with each passing years. Mark1 Models catalogue is now pretty extensive and offers a wealth of original subjects that main manufacturers are still shying away from producing in injected plastic.

Their latest releases include kits as diverse as the Mil Mi-2, the Curtiss H-75 and the Piper L-4 to name but three. We’ll get back to those soon enough. In the meantime, we turn our attention to a series of four kits depicting the almost universal Sikorsky S-58 under the H-34, HH-34, HS-34, UH-34, HUS-1, HSS-1, CH-134 designations (MKM144145 to 148) and one further ‘special edition’ kit featuring civilian S-58s (MKM144163).

We have not yet seen the kits close-up, but judging from the pictures we received, the kits are all consisting of the same plastic sprues, one in a dark-ish grey plastic and two smaller ones in transparent plastic and differing decal sheets. The engraving appears fairly restrained; it is certainly out of scale but will not shock if compared to the products of larger concerns at the same scale.

The cockpit appears a little spartan but will be sufficiently furnished for most; no doubts after-market manufacturers will soon be offering PE or resin adds-on for the inside and the outside of the aircraft. Note that the bulged side windows are provided separately from the main part of the cockpit glazing.

Of special interest to us in Belgium is boxing MKM144146 Sikorsky H-34 in Europe that offers the markings for a Belgian machine based on the Belgian coast during the 1960s. Other options in that particular boxing include a Dutch, an Italian and a German aircraft. Markings for French, Canadian, South-Vietnamese, Israeli, Japanese, Philippino, Brazilian and of course US aircraft are offered in the other three ‘military’ boxings.

It would be very sweet to see someone releasing suitable markings for a SABENA S-58..! In the meantime, those hankering for a civilian-looking bird will no doubt be interested in the special edition boxing containing markings for two ship-borne Japanese aircraft (ice-breaker Soya).

Review by Domi Jadoul; pictures by Mark1 Models.

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