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Short-lived Scout

Soviet Light Tank T-70B

Zvezda, Ref. 3631

Amongst the recent Zvezda releases is this 1/35 T-70B light tank, a vehicle that reminds me, with its rather less ‘typically soviet brutish’ look, a certain ‘Pz III’.

The kit consists of 206 parts spread out on four large green plastic and one much smaller transparent plastic runners. The latter only counts three parts. The tracks are spread out over the various sprues.

This is a brand new kit, not a rehash of an earlier one by another manufacturer and the current ‘Zvezda’ quality shows. There is no flash to be seen, small parts are exquisitely rendered, the mouldings are faultless. A few ejection marks show here and there, but none mar the tracks and only those on the underside of the mudguards may be an issue for some.

The largest of the runners mostly deals with the bottom of the hull : bottom, side, rear and front plates. It also includes a really fine-looking towing cable. It is shaped to fit the hull and giving it another look will be tricky given its extreme thiness. Another sprue brings in the top of the hull, the turret, a single piece gun barrel, the external machine gun and the preformed sections of the tracks. Two types of gun mantlets are provided.

The other two (identical) runners contain the various wheels, smaller sections of the tracks, individual track links and more smaller parts. The clear sprue deals with episcopes and the headlight.

Options include two types of gun mantlets, two types of turret rear plates, early or late production front hull plate, open or closed crew hatches, but no interior detail is included in the kit.

Four painting options are given, all Soviet vehicles in green and/or white schemes spanning the years 1942 to 1944. Paint references are given for the Zvezda and Tamiya ranges. The small decal sheet offers the options of additional tactical numbers.

The instructions are very Zvezda-esque, only black & white but very clear and easy to follow.

The build should be pleasant and deliver a very fine replica of this unsung Soviet AFV.

Review by Daniel Clamot. Pictures by Zvezda and Daniel Clamot.

Review sample kindly supplied by Zvezda.

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