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Razzle Dazzle

Agusta Westland A109 & the Belgian Air Force A109 Display Team

HMH Publications, Duke Hawkins Aircraft in Detail 24

ISBN 978-2-931083-16-1

It’s a superb new title that’s just been added to the Duke Hawkings series of monographies. The subject of this new book is the Agusta Wesland A109 with numerous excellent colour pictures illustrating the helicopter in action, but also, and more importantly for us modellers, the whole airframe, the cockpit, the undercarriage, the rotors, the external stores and, for those who may want to pack yet more details into their model, the machine under maintenance.

The various users are also well illustrated : Sweden, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Italiy, South Africa and of course, Belgium. The final part of the book is focussing on the Belgian demo team, the Razzle Blades.

The book is a must for all interested in helicopters and should have its place in the library of anyone interested in the Belgian Air Force.

Review title kindly donated by HMH Publications.

Review and pictures by Daniel Clamot

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