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Frank-ly Amazing!

Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate ‘Expert set’

Arma Hobby 1/72, Ref. 70051

Arma Hobby are in the process of becoming big in this small world of ours. Their kits have a very good reputation in terms of quality. I have been looking forward to get my hands on their 1/72 Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate, first released as an ‘Expert Set’ under the 70051 reference. The kit will shortly be available as a ‘standard’ boxing without the PE and canopy masks sets.

The recently released kit is made up of 69 plastic parts, including four clear plastic ones, a PE set, a mask set, a decal sheet (plus a small one featuring some corrected markings) and an instruction booklet.

The plastic parts are very nicely designed and detailed. Only part no.42, on my kit, shows signs of a little bit of flash. The fuselage is classically split in two but the area around the canopy is missing and is provided as two separate and optional parts, one for a closed-off cockpit, the other for an opened-up one. The wings are made out of just two parts, upper and lower sides.

Out of the box, the canopy is very well furnished, as is the engine, but of course the latter will still benefit from the PE parts offered in the special edition. The tires are weighted down.

The building instructions are clear. In terms of colour scheme, six liveries are offered :

– 104 Sentai, Ota Air Base, Japaon 1945 (green over grey) ;

– 2 Chutai 11 Sentai, Philippines 1944/45 (same colours as above) ;

– 10 Rensei Hikotai, Lt Takata, Japan, Spring 1945 (overall natural metal) ;

– 3 Chutai 47 Sentai, Narimasu Airfield, February 1945 (green over grey) ;

– 57 Shimbu-tai, Mijokonojo Air Base, Kyushu, Japan, May 1945 (green over grey) ;

– 2 Yuso Hikotai, Summer 1944 (grren spots over grey).

The masks allows for the painting of the canopy and the main wheels.

After having seen this kit, one can not just add it to the stash : it begs to be built !

Review & pictures by Daniel Clamot.

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