Colourful Fokkers

Belgian Fokker D.VII Civilian two-seater OO-AMH & OO-AMI

Arctic Decals, Ref. ARC72-069A (OO-AMH) & ARC72-069B (OO-AMI)

After the Armistice, a large amount of military equipment was left behind by the German forces. Belgium received at least 70 Fokker D.VII from Germany as war reparations and those excellent machines were incorporated into the Belgian Aéronautique Militaire. Much later, three of them were sold off onto civilian register, as OO-AMH, OO-AMI and OO-AMY. They were entered in the civil register of Belgium on 22 August 1931. OO-AMY was re-registered OO-UPP on September 25, 1931.

These three aircraft were modified by SABCA into two-seaters, the fuselage combined oil and petrol tank converted into a locker and three (later five) new tanks mounted between the centre section ribs in the top wing. The upper wing was also modified to feature an enlarged, asymmetrical cutout for easier passenger access.

OO-AMH was sold to Mr Bauduin in may 1934. It is not certain if it was later sold to Texaco Oil Company, but it did wear the Texaco logo, perhaps for advertising duties. It was struck off from the register on 21 october 1937, probably scrapped.

All three Belgian machines were apparently brought together for the making of a film, “L’Equipage”, during which OO-AMI crashed (12 November 1934) and was thus written off.

Arctic Decals recently released two decal sheets featuring OO-AMH (ARC72-069A) and OO-AMI (ARC72-069B). Based on a good documentation, both decal sheet offer the possibility to represent the aircraft under all the liveries they wore ! Also included for OO-AMI, are some masks for some of the liveries.

The decals are printed with laser and UV-ink printers on unsealed continuous decal sheets(where the carrier film covers the complete sheet); each decal thus needs to be cut out separately. UV-ink printed decals are though and easy to handle and do not generally need to be clear coated prior to use.

For those interested, it is still the possibility to find the 1/72 Omega resin conversion kit at shows here and there. But a conversion from the basic Eduard, Revell or Roden kits is possible with a minimum of experience and skill.

Nice and unexpected project that will give stunning models! The decals have been released in 1/72 and 1/48 scale.

Review by Daniel Clamot; pictures by Arctic Decals.

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