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Roman Praetorian Centurion 1st-2nd Century A.C.

La Heaumerie du Casque d’Or 1/10 (under licence from Minormous Models)

The Heaumerie du Casque d’Or is a Belgium-based shop specialising in figures and busts. Although a large part of their offer is made up of products from a number of well-known companies, they are also very busy 3D-printing figures and busts under licence from a number of (unfortunately) less-well known and less-well distributed designers, such as Minormous Models.

Minormous are specialising in 3D printable models for tabletop games and display. Amongst the latter category are a number of excellent figures and busts of Ancient Greeks and Romans, such as this 1/10 Roman Centurion.

The kit is made up of 3 parts, head with helmet, bust and a display plinth, all 3D printed in grey resin. The parts have mostly been cleaned up, with just a few little feed dots remaining, and mostly in places where they will be easy to remove, like the underside of the bust.

The print quality is, it must be said, excellent, with on my copy, just a couple of small areas showing a little bit of what we would normally call ‘flash‘ on our plastic sprues. Those will be easy to clean up, but do keep in mind this printing material is rather brittle, so care is still required! However, a massive plus, there are not a single print line to be seen anywhere on any of the parts.

If the printing done by La Heaumerie du Casque d’Or is almost faultless, the design work done by Minormous is first class with, in particular, beautiful details showing on the breastplate and the helmet. The face is very well sculpted too, very expressive and given a neat bout of painting, this bust should turn heads at shows.

Those figure painters interested in Ancient Rome should really give Minormous and, particularly for those living in Belgium or North-western Europe, the 3D prints from La Heaumerie du Casque d’Or a go. They will not regret it.

Review and pictures by Domi Jadoul.

Reiview item kindly supplied by La Heaumerie du Casque d’Or.

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