Sherman for the few.

M4A2 Sherman 75mm

Zvezda 1/72, Ref. 5063

The latest 1/72 armour kit from Zvezda, this kit is made up of 118 parts cast in the usual ‘Zvezda‘ grey plastic and 2 more (the tracks) in black plastic.

The main features of the kit makes this a late M4A2: 47 degree slope glacis and 75mm turret with the second, oval, hatch for the loader. Although not supposedly required for this build, a set of late-production road wheels (so-called ‘flush‘) and simplified drive sprockets are included. This is good news since pictorial evidence do show some M4A2s equipped with that running gear.

The 47 degree glacis and the lack of skirts implies that early M4A2s as used by the British in North Africa can’t be modelled here.

Although separated from the main turret part, the commander’s cuppola is in one piece, with closed-off hatches. The turret itself appears a little over-complicated in its design, but we will see during actual construction if this is an issue. Let’s remember, though, before complainng too much, that this is a ‘No Glue Required‘ kit mainly aimed at wargamers and newcomers in the hobby. The quality of the kit is however very good, and should be a very decent base for any modeller interested in US armour, or US armour used by the Soviets in particular.

The tracks are each in a single piece of hard plastic, meant to be bent around the idlers and drive sprockets; two pins molded in each track are meant to be inserted in the hull side panels. This system is evidently different from that used by Zvezda on their kits featuring the Christie-style suspension. The system on the M4A2 kit is interesting and, I think, could work very well.

Marking-wise, Zvezda is offering us an US Marines Sherman in the Mariana Islands during 1944 (the US Marines were, basically, the only US users of the M4A2 diesel-powered Sherman) and, evidently, a Soviet vehicle used in the Southern Front during 1944.

Those wanting to show off their Sherman in action on a small diorama can take advantage of Zvezda’s other recent 1/72 release, a box of five US Marines. The figures look very good, I must say.

Review by Domi Jadoul. Photos by Domi Jadoul and Zvezda.

Review samples kindly provided by Zvezda.

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