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When just one Spitfire is not enough!

Overtrees by Eduard

It is sometimes frustrating to have a superb box with the decal sheet offering 5 or 6 different liveries while the plastic parts only allow building one model. We would like to have more ‘plastic’ to eventually build a second or third model and thus make the decal sheet profitable, or possibly another decal sheet by the cottage industry.

For this purpose, a solution exists at Eduard: the ‘Overtrees’, which could be translated as ‘surplus sprues’. This option allows you to acquire an additional model at a very democratic price and, why not, even several extra models! You could also call it a ‘white product’ because the box is… all white and contains only the injection-moulded plastic sprues of a specific version; no decals or assembly plans because you already have them with the initial box, whether it is from the ‘WEEKEND’ series, ‘ProfiPACK or a special/limited edition. Obviously, no photoetch no masks either. No problem though if you are fond of photoetch and/or masks, these items are available and can be ordered at the same time you order ‘Overtrees’.

For the recent Spit Mk.Vb in 1/48 scale for example, no less than 4 different ‘Overtrees’ boxes are available. Each box is dedicated to a specific version of this aircraft and only provides the sprues typical to this version, even if there are always parts not to be used that will enrich your spares box. Let’s have a closer look:

Ref. 82155X: Spitfire Mk.Vb early, with half fuselages for an aircraft fitted with the externally mounted windscreen armour and the underside of the wings fitted with the narrow, symmetrical blister for the 20mm cannon of early versions. 6 injected plastic sprues into the box.

Ref. 82159X: Spit Mk.Vb mid, with the same half fuselages but the lower wing now has the wider, non-symmetrical blister of the later versions (6 sprues).

Ref. 82156X: Spit Mk.Vb late, with the half-fuselages provided this time for the versions equipped with the windscreen of which the armour is mounted internally, the lower wing being the same as for the mid version (6 sprues).

Ref. 82157X: Spit Mk.Vb Trop, which provides an additional sprue for parts specific to the “tropical” version, such as the large sand filter under the nose of the aircraft. The fuselage halves are the ones for the windscreen with internal armour and the lower wing is the one equipped with the larger, non-symmetrical blister as on the mid and late versions (7 sprues).

Each box costs a little less than € 13, which should allow the Spitfire Mk.Vb enthusiasts to build almost a complete squadron at a very democratic price… These boxes are however (in principle) not available in the hobby shops and can only be ordered from Eduard’s website . Their availability is also limited in time.

Good to know: the assembly instructions can be downloaded from the same website, it’s free. If you print it (it is A4 size), it will give you an excellent working tool on which you can cross out all the unneeded parts, scribble on it or make useful annotations; very practical a.o. if you are building two or more models of the same aircraft at the same time… and they have subtle differences.

Review and picture by Didier Waelkens

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