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SF-260 Duo Pack & Book

Special Hobby 1/72, Ref. SH72451

This Duo Pack recently released by Special Hobby allows for the making of two 1/72 SF-260s, in any of the following versions : M/M+/AM/D/W/WL.

The box art is simply gorgeous but the contents of the box is even better : there are of course two SF-260 kits, each in a ‘neutral’ box ; Box A includes, along with the common sprues that can be found in Box B, two inection clear ‘bulged’ canopies (suitable for the M, AM and W versions, resin Matra rocket pods (version W), a pair of gunsights and their mountings and a set of exhaust pipes for the Rhodesian SF-260 W.

Box B has no extra resin bits but brings in a single ‘flat’ canopy suitable for the Belgian SF-260 M.

All parts plastic or otherwise are cleanly moulded and do not show any flash.

A small PE set offers details for the Rhodesian gunsight mountings, ventral antenna seen on Rhodesian and Tunisian birds and TACAN antennas.

Kabuki-style masks are also included, one set for the SF-260 M+ and two others for the other variants.

Two decal sheets are part of this Duo Pack ; the first one includes stencils and seat belts (great add-on I think given the small scale and it saves us having to purchase additional aftermarket bits) ; the second sheet is full of a large number of national markings for :

SF-260 M+ of the Belgian Red Devils aerobatic team (5th Sqn, 2015) ;

SF-260 W of the Rhodesian Air Force (4th Sqn, Tornhill, 1978);

SF-260 W of the Fuerza Aeriana Boliviana, 1980;

SF-260 D of the Turkish Air Force, Izmir Cigli AFB, 2011;

SF-260 D belonging to the Sky West Aviation Inc Trustee, Albuquerque, NM, USA;

SF-260 AM of the 70 Stormo, Aeronautica Militare Italiana (2005 special 70 Stormo 50th anniversary scheme);

SF-260 WL of the Free Libyan Air Force, circa 2018;

SF-260 W, of the 14th Sqn, Tunisian Air Force (temporarily based at Latina, Italy in July 2008).

As if this was not enough, the Pack includes the excellent Duke Hawkins book on the subject, ‘SIAI Marchetti SF-260 flying with Air Forces around de World‘ (HMH Publications, ISBN 978-2-931083-06-2). This publication offers a wealth of info and of course pictures of the aircraft in use around the world and of all the important bits that could interest any scale modeller wanting to detail further the nice Special Hobby kits. Thistitle was reviewed a little while back on this Blog :

SF-260 Bible

This is a truly fantastic product that will more than please any fan of the SF-260.

Review by Daniel Clamot ; pictures by Special Hobby & Daniel Clamot.

Review sample kindly provided by Special Hobby.

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