Staple Warrior

Soviet Main Battle Tank T-62

Zvezda T-35, Ref. 3622

Long after Tamiya (1988!) and even after Trumpeter (2009), it is Zvezda’s turn to offer us a very nice T-62, backbone of the Soviet tank force for almost one fifth of a century, and familiar silhouette of countless conflicts all over the globe since 1969.

344 plastic parts await you in the typical top-opening, sleeved up, Zvezda box; some of those parts are really fine and will require some care while taking them off the sprues. There are not many options offered with this kit, it is a basic early Soviet T-62. A number of clear parts are included to help represent the various optics, while the tracks are made of longer and shorter sections (some showing a little, welcome, sag) complemented by individual links for the curvy bits.

The decal sheet is simple but gives a large number of possibilities in terms of tactical numbers and in the end, a large, welcome, number of additions for the spare box.

If some particular items, like the mantlet dust cover, appear a little over-complicated, and if this is what some may call a no-frill kit, with no metal barrel, no resin add-ons, no photo-etched parts, this still looks like a very good, decently priced, base for any modeller interested in Soviet armour. No doubt the cottage industry is already busy designing detail sets and conversion kits to match this new addition to the Zvezda catalogue.

Review by Domi Jadoul; photos by Zvezda and Domi Jadoul

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