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F-4C Air National Guard

Fine Molds 1/72, Ref. FP46S

If there is certainly no need to introduce the Phantom II, few know that the F-4C was first meant to be known as the F-110 Spectre. The USAF got its first Phantoms in 1964, equipped with a very different electronic suite than the US Navy’s F-4Bs ; another major difference was that the USAF aircraft could be flown by the second crew member.

FineMolds’ offering allows modellers to reproduce a F-4C from the Air National Guard.

The kit is made up of 151 finely moulded parts ; the quality is typically that of this brand’s kit, that is excellent, as was, of course that of the earlier F-4J kit we reviewed a little earlier this year. No flash is to be seen anywhere. The parts are presented to us on twelve sprues of varying sizes, to which is added a sprue-less part, the top of the rear fuselage. This edition features the two crew members, usually available separately from the manufacturer.

The instruction booklet is in black & white, and written in Japanese, though with English annotations ; colours are given as Federal Standards numbers.

Three decalling options are given with this boxing : a F-4C belonging to the 171st FIS, Michigan ANG, a F-4C of the 142ns FIS, Oregon ANG and another Oregon ANG aircraft wearing three MiG kills from the Vietnam war, all during the early 1980s.

Not a particularly original subject from FineMolds, but a kit that is certainly looking superior to any earlier Phantom II kit in this scale.

Review by Daniel Clamot ; pictures by FineMolds and Daniel Clamot.


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