Colourful Acrobat

Morane-Saulnier MS.225 C1

Sabrekits 1/72, Ref. SBK7007

The French Armée de l’Air modernization program in the early 1930s gave birth to a robust upper-wing fighter, the MS.225, first test flown in 1932. The aircraft featured excellent flying and mechanical strength as well as simple maintenance and excellent reliability. By 1933 the Armée de l’Air had acquired 67 of these planes. Intended only as a stop-gap fighter, further production was not planned. Twelve MS.225s were supplied to the French Aéronavale and 7 planes were sold to China in September 1933.

Sabrekits are relative newcomers on the market, having released a mix of new and older kits under their label. We reviewed their pretty impressive 1/72 Hs-126 quite recently. This release however, is not a new kit at all, but a re-boxing of a product first released by Heller in 1967. There are many shortcomings in this kit and some work and time will need to be invested in it in order to obtain a good replica. Those shortcomings are well documented in books and online, there is no need to go over them again; we’ll just mention that our magazine KIT, in its 164th issue, details the work to be done.

The great ‘plus’ of the Sabrekits release is the brand new decal sheet, offering four eye-catching options, including a Chinese aircraft, and three French aircraft; one of the latter is the MS.225 flown by Michel Detroyat as a demonstrator, racer and aerobatic plane. Further modifications will be required for this particular machine, none of them shown in the instruction sheet. References will need to be found!

It’s a bit disappointing to see this kit re-appear without any improvements, but the low price and the nice decals make it far more palatable than any earlier boxing one might find under a table at a show or another.

Review and pictures by Daniel Clamot.

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