More Sherman Hardware from the East

US Medium Tank M4A3(76)W Sherman

Zvedda 1/35, Ref. 3676

Zvezda continues their work on the M4 Sherman family with this recently-released M4A3(76)W, offered in their traditional ‘sleeved up’ cardboard box that adequately protects the 322 plastic parts. The box is neatly illustrated with a US Army vehicle.

The kit itself is molded in Zvezda’s typical medium grey plastic and features very nice details and restrained engraving. Ejection marks are present here and there but are located so that they will not be visible. Seven sprues, including a clear plastic one, make up the kit ; sprues A and F (two sprues F in fact) are new when comparing to the earlier M4A2 kit.

Options include two turret roofs, two hull front plates and two different gun muzzles allowing for the ‘early’ or ‘late’ versions to be built. As with the M4A2, the rough aspect of the turret and transmission housing is not represented and will need to be done by the modeller. We do not know why Zvezda are doing this this way, but it does allow for a bit of individuality or creativity in reproducing this feature. Really, not a bad thing.

Markings are provided for three vehicles, one from the 2nd Armoured Division named Hell on Wheels in June 1945, and two slightly different representations of the same Sherman from the 501st RCC, named Narvik II.

This is a no frill offering from Zvezda, no resin bits, no photo-etched parts, no accessories, but if it goes together as well as their M4A2 (and there’s no reason why it would not!), this is a highly recommended kit at a very reasonable price. Let yourself be tempted !

Review by Renaud Labarbe ; photos by Renaud Labarbe and Zvezda.

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