Heavy Paper Projects

British Nuffield Assault Tank A.T.4

OKB Grigorov 1/72, Ref.72094

British Nuffield Assault Tank A.T.10

OKB Grigorov 1/72, Ref.72096

Nuffield Mechanization and Aero was the brainchild of Lord Nuffield who was deeply involved in the development and mechanisation of the British army and the ‘ground’ section of the RAF. The Crusader cruiser tank was one of its best known success story.

Of course, other projects only reached prototype stage or did not even reach that far. The A.T. series of auusault tanks can be found in this category.

OKB Grigorov continues to fill in the gaps in this series of projects, this time with the A.T.4 and A.T.10 variants.

The A.T.4 is made up of 105 resin and 16 photo-etched parts.

While the A.T.10 has 115 resin and 27 PE parts.

The quality, details-wise and casting-wise, is simply superb. Cleaning up the resin parts should not take too long, and the main difficulty will be, as usual with those OKB Grigorov kits, to install the resin tracks around the various wheels. A warm water bath or a hair-dryer will come in handy.

The large number of small parts, resin and PE and the resin tracks put those kits above the skills of a newcomer in the hobby, but those with a few resin kits under their belts and with an interest in the unusual will rfelish them !

Review by Daniel Clamot ; pictures by Daniel Clamot & OKB Grigorov.


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