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Breda 27 Metallico Prototypo

Sabrekits 1/72, Ref. SBK72016

New from Sabrekits, the prototype version of the Breda 27 with its highly colourful livery. The aircraft first flew in 1933 and could well have been inspired by the Boeing P-26 Peashooter. Having said that, the P-26 was itself inspired by the racing aircraft Travel Air type Air, and one of those racers was purchased by Italy following the recommendations of Italo Balbo…

The Breda 27 was Italy’s first low-winged monoplane, the first two prototypes featuruing wooden wings. We have here the third prototype with a all-metal wing and a cockpit pushed a little forward and higher on the fuselage. Although modern for its time, more conservative, biplane designs ended up being ordered by the Regia Aeronautica instead.

In the end, 18 machines were manufactured and sold to China (some sources state that only 11 were actually delivered) then at war with Japan.

If this is a new release for Sabrekits, it is in fact a re-boxing of the AZ Models kit from 1998, but with a new and well-printed decal sheet. As part of Sabrekits ‘Series 100‘, this kit will soon be a ‘collector‘ item since only 100 kits have been manufactured.

The recessed engraving is very fine and should not suffer too much during the build since the fuselage halves appear to go together well. However, thye plastic is hard and quite brittle and care must be taken when removing parts from the trees. A single sprue carries most of the parts, but four resin parts are offered for the engine, main undercarriage and cockpit tub, while a nice photo-etched set brings in more cockpit detailing and the external wiring. A sheet of acetate carries the windshield and instrument panel. The already superb decal sheet completes the kit.

The instruction sheet, still wearing the AZ Models logo, appears clear and to the point, but some reference will certainly be needed to complete the complicated wiring that the boxart did not really warn us about! All in all, a very tempting, aesthetic and colourful subject, but requiring some experience with rigging and metallic finishes. For about 12 euros, we are not being robbed blind and it’s really good seeing this little kit coming back, if only momentarily!

Review & pictures by Bernard Libert.


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