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Night-time Predator

Meteor NF Mk.14 ‘The Last of Night Fighters‘ & Masks

Special Hobby 1/72, Ref. 72364 & M72027

The Meteor NF Mk.14 night / all weather jet fighter were designed as a rather urgently needed replacement of the piston-engined Mosquitoes against the threat of would-be enemies equipped with nuclear weapons and jet bombers.

The brand new kit will certainly releguate the old Matchbox offering to History. The kit offers five grey styrene sprues and a single clear parts sprue with two styles of the windshield. The decal sheet contains markings for four machines including a full set of the airframe stencilling. There are marking schemes for three RAF machines, one of which flew from South-East Asia bases, the other two were based in Britain; the fourth colour option is a French Air Force machine used by the CEV test centre.

Available separately is a useful set of masks for the canopy (including the two types of windshields) and wheel hubs.

Snippet by Domi jadoul; photos by Special Hobby.

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