Snap-fit British Jewel

Hawker Hurricane IIC British Fighter

Zvezda 1/72, Ref. 7322

It’s a brand new Hurricane issued from a brand new tooling that Zvezda has had the good idea of releasing. Although marketed as a snap-fit kit, the kit is still made up of 51 parts, 5 of which are molded in clear plastic.

We have not checked accuracy of the details, but details abound for sure, first with a finely recessed engraving on the metal-covered areas and delicately portrayed fabric covering where it matters.

The wings are made up of two large parts (top & bottom). The upper half of the wings include portions of the underside leading and trailing edges, and with separate one-piece ailerons, allows for very fine trailing edges indeed! Very neat. Cockpit, radiator, landing and formation lights as well as the main landing gear wells are to be added to the wing assembly before the fuselage is grafted onto it. Very neat too!

The cockpit is made of of 5 parts, with the instrument panel offered with raised instruments for painting, or flat to be used with a decal. Two multi-part pilots are offered, each with different flying gear to match the proposed colour schemes. The main landing gear is offered as a well-detailed 8-part down option (not counting the wells) or a rather ingenious 2-part up option.

Zvezda could have provided the canopy with a separate windshield, but they did not. The transparent parts are, however, crystal clear.

Decaling options include a RAF two-tone grey-green aircraft and a black-overal machine, both based in Tangmere in 1942, and a Soviet of the Northern Fleet in 1943.

This looks like a stunning little kit, remains to be seen if the build will be as easy as it seems it should be. Whether it will meet the expectations of the rivet-counters amongst us, that also remains to be seen. But for that price, it will be a hard one to beat!

Review by Domi Jadoul; pictures by Zvezda and Domi Jadoul.

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