Robot-like SPG

2S35 “Koalitiya-SV” Russian 152mm Self-propelled Howitzer

Zvezda 1/72, Ref. 5055

The 2S35 « Koalitiya-SV » is the most recent artillery system in the Russian army. This self-propelled howitzer was designed at the Burevestnik Central Scientific Research Institute and was officially presented for the first time at the 2015 Victory Day Parade in Moscow. It is designed to solve a variety of tasks: shooting of tactical nuclear weapons, attacks on enemy artillery and mortar batteries to the destruction of armoured fighting vehicles and fortified installations. Equipped with a 152mm gun it has a maximum range of 40 to 80km depending of the ammunition used. The 2S35 is not a classic SPG, but rather a highly robotised system, with a high degree of automation.

171 parts for a completed model length of 19,4cm in 1/72, the kit looks very impressive! Two large runners of grey parts that include the hull and the gun, two smaller runners of grey plastic with notably the wheels, plus a runner of black parts in a softer plastic for the tracks is what awaits the modeller inside the box.

The instructions direct us to start with the lower part and sides of the hull onto which the running gear is installed before the upper hull, and eventuaslly the turret are added. The softer black plastic allows for relative ease of bending the tracks around the idlers and drive sprockets.

The gun is in three parts but the tube itself is a single item, dispensing from the need of any filler.

This is the Zvezda quality we are now getting used to ! The b&w instruction booklet is clear and easy to follow. Colour schemes and markings positions are detailled onto a full-colour A5-sized leaflet ; the decal sheets offer marking for two different Russian vehicles, including one fairly colourful as seen at the 2015 Victory Parade.

Beware that as such, the kit represents what we could call the pre- or early-production vehicle based on the T-90 chassis, when later vehicles are expected to be built on the T-14 Armata chassis.

A pretty impressive, size-wise, and very well designed and detailled kit that will surely finds it way into the stash of those of us interested in modern armour!

Review and photos by Daniel Clamot.

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