Belgian Defenders

WWI Belgian Infantry 

ICM 1/35, Ref. 35680

The Ukranian ICM company is known for their original and unexpected choice of themes as regards their 1/35th range of figures. Some months ago when they unexpectedly announced the release of a brand new set of Belgian WWI soldiers, a mixed feeling of excitement and of confusion hit the small community of modelers interested by Belgian subjects because the picture announcing WW1 Belgian Infantry actually depicted WWI Belgian cavalry soldiers…

Today, when we open the box we can only be happy with the outcome because the superb boxart matches the content of the box and features early WWI Belgian line infantry which is a subject that has never been treated by any plastic model kits manufacturer in 1/35th scale.

The set contains three plastic sprues with 125 parts allowing us to build four figures with their full equipment and still have some useful little extra’s for the spare box. Three soldiers and one officer, all in fighting action, are included in this kit.

At first sight the uniforms and the equipment are correctly sculpted and depict early Belgian line infantry from 1914 that can for example accompany the Minerva armoured car from Copper State Model (since these started being used in September 1914). A quick look at the two sprues with the accessories and weapons draws our attention on some extra parts featuring some mid- and late-war equipment which is a nice addition for the spare box especially if you plan to build a Belgian Lanchester or a mid- or late-war Minerva.

The numerous details of the equipment look good and some of the faces feature a moustache, typical for the WWI period. Even if these are not yet up to the standard of some quality resin productions they still show some expression and you will not necessarily need to replace them to make the figure more lively. A good paintjob will bring them to life from the box. Also the hands look crisp enough and do not need replacement.

The content of the kit is original and very promising and I warmly recommend it to any Belgian and / or WWI subjects fans. Another reason for being positive about this kit is that usually ICM’s products are good value for the money that you spend on them and that such a set includes four figures and extra equipment for less than the price of a resin figure. Last but not least early WW1 Belgian subjects are really not the easiest topics to work on because there are so many subtleties to take into account and documentation is rare. Nevertheless ICM seems to have been well inspired on this one and provides the modeller with an interesting and altogether very correct set. Well done ICM!

Review and pictures by Thierry Tish.

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