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New Potez Feathers, Part.2

Potez 25 Europe & America

Azur/Frrom 1/72, Ref. FROX03

Azur/Frrom have kindly sent us samples of their forthcoming decal releases, two 1/72 sheets destined to grace the lovely Potez 25 kits released during 2019, and later re-issued under the Special Hobby label.

It’s time to have a look at sheet FROX03 Potez 25 Africa & Asia:

Just like the other ‘Potez 25’ sheet, the first thing one notices is the sheer number of markings offered on this A5-sized decal sheet.  Still not a bad thing, really, lots of options for your money, Folks, but care will still be needed when choosing any option as the Potez 25 was declined in a number of variants (mostly different engines, but not just that).  Let’s remind us that the ‘basic’ kits are indeed offering numerous alternative parts, and it must be said that great care must be taken while building the kit as the instructions are sometimes a bit confusing.  References will be needed and need to be carefully examined! 

We have not been provided with the instructions for the forthcoming decal sheets, so can not comment just yet on the info provided on those documents.

What is included on this FROX03 sheet is:

  • Ethiopia:  markings for three different Lorraine-engined aircraft coded 1, 2 or 3 or two Hispano-engined ones; national markings included;
  • French Africa: markings for Lorraine or Salmson-equipped aircraft based at Thies (Dakar) and Atar (now in Mauritania); the Salmson option will require some scratchbuilt work as this option engine is not offered in any of the kits (so far!);
  • French Mandate in Syria / Lebanon: markings for a Potez 25 TOE with non-standard colours; the white stripes for the upper wing are not offered;
  • French Indochina: 5 possible options;
  • Manchuria: markings for three Lorraine-powered aircraft; national markings included;
  • Japan: identical to the Manchurian aircraft, but with with Japanese roundels (not provided);
  • French North Africa / Spain: markings for a French Potez 25 TOE that defected to Spanish Morocco in August 1936 and wearing a mix of French (partly erased) and Spanish Nationalist markings.

The decals are well printed (by Fantasy Printshop), with the white and colours that are intense that will adequately cover the camouflage colours.  The decal’s finish is satin to glossy and a coat of varnish may therefore be required to obtain a good ‘blend’ with the rest of the model.

All in all, another extensive and much welcome release from Azur/Frrom.

Review and pictures by Domi Jadoul.

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