Quarterscale Hind

Soviet Attack Helicopter Mi-24P

Zvezda 1/48, Ref. 4812

One of Zvezda’s latest release is a quarter-scale Mil Mi-24P, featuring the double 30mm gun ‘pack’ on the right side of the front fuselage.  This version has been around for some time, produced in large numbers between 1981 and 1989, and has been or is still used in many countries around the globe, opening up the number of possible schemes and decorations.

The kit comes in a large cardboard box (the kit has a ‘span’ of 44,7cm), with 326 parts spread over 7 light grey and one clear plastic sprues.  A little bit of flash is visible here and there but mostly only affects the runners, no big deal.  Details abound, with comprehensive furnishing of the two cockpits, cargo bay and engine deck.  Of course, extra details can be added if one feels like doing so, but the base kit is a very good starting point.  The instrument panels and other consoles’ details are provided as decals, something that may have been better reproduced in plastic, but no doubt, after-market detail sets can be soon purchased as substitutes.

The crew is included in the kit, as two four-part figures.  

The blades are ‘weighted down’, another good point.  Interestingly, this is the first kit of the Hind I’ve seen taking account of the asymmetric nature of the fuselage as can be seen from the shape of the cabin’s rear bulkhead.

A number of options are offered, including the use of sand filters or not, use of heat diffusers or simple exhausts, access doors and panels open or closed along with a fairly comprehensive array of gun pods, rocket pods, missile launchers,…

The clear parts (the canopy is a 5-part affair) are commendably transparent, another reason to improve on the kit’s cockpit details!

Two decal sheets provide markings and numerous stencils for 5 Hinds, including an East-German machine and a rather sleek-looking, post-communist era Hungarian one.  Of the three other options, two are for post-Soviet-era Russian helicopters. 

This looks like a neat kit that should be a very good base for some stunning hyper-detailed kits to be seen on competition tables over the next few years!

Review by Domi Jadoul; pictures by Zvezda and Domi Jadoul.


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