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Ciano Cleaner Gel Formula

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We all have experienced some kind of disaster while using super-glue type of adhesives, be it ruining your favourite T-shirt, the dining table or even your latest ‘work in progress’ model…

Green Stuff World has come up with a gel that is meant to help repair some of this damage, and we tested it for you. 

First of all, sticky fingers.  The gel, applied directly onto the skin has a definite and rapid impact on the ‘joint’, loosening it and preventing skin bits to be torn in the process of un-sticking said fingers.  Excellent job!  Mind you, the instructions at the back of the label does recommend a good cleaning and calling the doctor in case of exposure to the skin…   In fact, no ‘after effects’ were felt and subsequent cleaning up with water and soap did seem to work for us, the doctor may wait a bit longer for the pleasure of our company.   

Added onto the super-glued joint between two plastic parts did help with a clean break up, with no plastic bits ton away to be seen, but some dried-up super-glue still left to remove, which led us to try removing those…

Having had issues with our favourite plastic softening after the use of super-glue activators, we were rather curious to see the effect, if any, of this gel onto said bare plastic…  Some super-glue was applied onto a bit of styrene, left to ‘take’ overnight and the gel was applied early in the morning and left to ‘act’ for a couple of minutes.  The cyano certainly softened up, but removing (with a rag) the cured glue was a long process requiring several applications of the gel and some rubbing down with the rag.  The gel definitely had an effect on the bare plastic, not a positive one, leaving a slight recess wherever the gel had been applied to.  The rubbing of the softened glue onto the softened plastic also made a bit of a mess (glue + fabric fibers + plastic), that would require eventual fixing with putty and/or sanding.  The use of a micro-brush would thus be better suited for any ‘rubbing down’. Tested on recently applied superglue, with immediate removal, the effect of the gel on the bare plastic was certainly lessened.  The best option, it would seem would be to act with small amounts of gel as quickly as possible, light rubbing down of the offending area with a micro-brush, followed by a little bit of sanding once the whole area has ‘dried up’. 

Tested on painted plastic (yes, we admit that tiny droplets of super-glue sometimes find their way onto our ALMOST completed model…  Aaaargh!), we found that the gel did soften up the paint too, adding to the earlier mentioned mess, to be, eventually, cleaned up the usual ways…

Fabric?  Cured super-glue certainly softened up but several applications of the gel still could not remove all the glue from the cotton fibers and the eventual rubbing and twisting of the fabric ended up tearing the fabric altogether…  Applied onto freshly stained clothing, the results were far better with the fabric retaining its ‘twistability’, but the garment still needed an immediate good wash to bring out the ‘stickiness’ that was still being felt.

Conclusion: try to be more careful while using super-glues..!  This product could indeed be useful to us all at some stage or another, worth keeping in sight, but it’s no miracle cure (no pun intended!).

Review and pictures by Domi Jadoul.

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