Amazing First!

Panther A + 16t Strabokan Crane

Suyata 1/48, Ref. 001

402 plastic parts for the Panther, a further 253 for the crane, 15 PE parts, nylon string, metal cable, two decal sheets (including a textured one for the zimmerit coating) and a 24.5 x 21.5cm base makes this kit a really stunning release from a relative newcomer in the hobby, whose previous releases have been scale modelling tools and highly acclaimed chibi aircraft and SF/F subjects.

The level of detail is very high, the Panther in particular having a full interior provided.   Critics may say that more PE parts should have been provided, that the crane can ‘only’ be modelled ‘in action’, that the track horns are not hollowed out,..  Frankly, given the scale, the price, the quality of the mouldings, this is quite an amazing kit. 

The instruction booklet is clear and precise, includes MIG/AMMO colour references; four camo options are offered for the Panther, two for the crane.

The crane has not been offered in this scale yet, but the Panther has of course, particularly by Tamiya and comparison between the two kits appear to favour Suyata’s…  This is certainly a manufacturer that needs to have an eye kept on.  This Panther boxing is the first of a series of 1/48 AFV kits, with a double kit T-90A & GAZ-233014 being released next, and to be followed by (and perhaps less surprisingly) a Tiger.

Review and pictures by Fabrice Weindorf.

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