Good to be Belgian…

WWI Belgian Infantry (tbc)

ICM 1/35, Ref. 35680

It’s probably never been so good to model Belgian subjects, particularly in the larger scales.  CSM’s 1/35 Minerva armoured car and ICM’s still very recent and well thought of 1/32 Gloster Gladiator and Fiat CR.42 come to mind… 

Things are going to get better with ICM’s forthcoming release of early WWI Belgian Infantry.  Who, just a few years back would have thought this possible, and coming in injected plastic on top of that!

Now as depicted on those pictures, there are still a number of approximations and missing details (weapons, hats,..) that, we understand, are being corrected (with the help of Belgian modellers and historians), and we certainly look forward to seeing and reviewing the final, corrected figures at some stage.  Well done, ICM, great choice of subjects!

Snippet by Domi Jadoul; photos by ICM.

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