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Belgian Flak in Detail

Belgium’s Gepard -Anti-aircraft Leopard

Patrick Winnepenninckx, Trackpad Publishing, Foto Focus Series

Just about to hit us is the latest title from Trackpad publishing dealing with modern Belgian armour, Belgium’s Gepard.  This is a much welcome addition to this series of books that can truly be qualified as ‘by modellers, for modellers’.

This is also the final book dealing with the Belgian Leopard and its variants.  Previously released were volumes about the Bergepanzer 2 and Bergepanzer 2000, the Pionierpanzer, the Leguan and of course the two variants of the MBT (including the Driver Trainer). 

This new book, 104 page-long, A4 landscape format, is, like its predecessors, the ultimate ‘Walkaround’ reference for scale modellers, with 350 close-up pictures of the internal and external features and details. It’s all there!

The book should also be useful to those interested in the German Gepard, as the differences are few.

The previous release in this series is still rather warm from the press, and we wanted to remind our readers of its availability, with a few ‘insights’:

Review by Dominique Jadoul, pictures by Trackpad Publishing.

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