Russian Mustang

Russian 2-axle Military Truck K-4350

Zvezda 1/35, Ref. 3692

The K-4350 truck is part of the ‘Mustang’ family of vehicles designed by car manufacturer KAMA for the Russian army.  It entered service in 1995 and is still operational today.  It is a two-axle 4×4 able to carry 30 to 40 soldiers or a load of 4 tons.  A 240hp diesel engine gives it a maximum speed of 100km/h on road with a range of 1,100km.

The Zvezda model is 22,7cm long, made up of no less than 485 parts on seven sprues of light grey plastic, one of clear plastic and one of black vinyl for the five tyres.  A decal sheet, chrome stickers for mirrors, a nylon thread for the towing cable, a black & white instruction sheet and a full-colour painting/decaling guide are also included.

The sheer amount of plastic and the large number of parts, along with the quality of those parts hit you upon opening the cardboard box.  The engine and the chassis are particularly well detailed.  Care will be required to remove some small parts from the sprues .

The rear canvas can be put on or left off, and the cab can be tilted to reveal the engine.

Markings are provided for a brand new K-4350 just out of the factory, one belonging to the Voluntary Society of Assistance to the Army, Aviation and Navy of Russia, Moscow region, one from the OMSK Armoured Engineering University of the Ministry of Defence and, finally, one belonging to the Western Military District, spotted at the 2019 Victory Parade.

All in all, a very nice kit, an impressive model that will please the amateurs of modern military vehicles.

Review by Daniel Clamot; pictures by Daniel Clamot & Zvezda.

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