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IPMS USA Journal

November-December 2020 – Volume 32, Number 06

My mailman just dropped by to deliver the latest issue of Journal, one of the two publications of IPMS USA (the other being the quarterly… Quarterly, of course!).

Journal is published every two months, in the English language (of course!).  Comparing to our own quarterly KIT magazine, theirs is a little longer with 72 pages. 

This particular issue features articles about the following subjects:

  • The birth of the Quarterly magazine
  • Keeping track of your stash’s value
  • A model tribute to a A-37 pilot lost over Vietnam
  • The story of Zoukei-Mura
  • Pearl Harbour Aichi D3A1
  • Up-gunning a Super Pershing
  • ’34 Ford Three-Window Coupe
  • HMS Wasp Martian Steamship
  • Matchbox’s Kaman SH-2F Seasprite
  • Agricultural Planes
  • Italian Ju-87 over Malta

Added to that varied list, the magazine brings in a fairly comprehensive Member’s Gallery, kit and book reviews, along with an agenda (US shows only).  Of interest too, I think, are a number of ads that highlights some products we are not always familiar with on this side of the Big Pond.

Sadly, a few pages are also dedicated to recently departed American modellers; whether old-age, ‘usual suspect’ illnesses or/and the current worldwide Covid-19 are to be blamed, or simply a reflection of the size of the USA, those tributes remind us that our hobby is nowadays mostly practiced by people of a ‘certain age’ and that we must do more in order to attract younger blood.

One thing comes out of Journal: our fellow US modellers do things… a little differently; the emphasis of the magazine is certainly not placed upon super-detailing, upon using as much aftermarket bits as possible, upon using the latest paints and products seen in the commercial scale modelling magazines and at shows, but maybe more on the human side of the hobby.   All in all, this issue of Journal was a very refreshing and enjoyable read.

Review and pictures by Domi Jadoul

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