Liquid Rust

Liquid Pigments Set : Rust

Green Stuff World, Ref. GSW-10126

This product was designed to create weathering effects like powdered pigments, but you do not need to worry about losing them, or fixing them.

They are best applied on a painted surface, a light spray of gloss varnish will improve the capillarity effect.  The product dries very fast and gives off a matt finish; you can use them with both brush and airbrush.

I used them on the Unicorn Models’ Calvaire Normand and I was very happy with the result of the Verdigris and Turqouise Oxide which give a certain “patina” to the model, it immediately makes your model look decades older.

Those are non-toxic waterbased paints, non-flammable and they contain no latex.

This set contains 6 Liquid Pigments in 17ml bottles:

1x Orange Rust
1x Light Rust
1x Medium Rust
1x Dark Rust
1x Verdigris
1x Turquoise Oxide

Review by Erwin Heylens; pictures by Erwin Heylens and Green Stuff World.

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