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Desert Storm Birds with a Difference

Desert Raiders, Part.2

Paulus Victor 1/144, Ref. PV-002-144

This recent PaulusVictor release takes us back to 1991 and Operation Desert Storm and in particular to little-known anecdotes and facts about this conflict. 

Markings are provided for a F-15E Strike Eagle that managed to shoot down an Iraqi Hind helicopter with a laser-guided bomb.  Yes, you read that well, ‘shoot down’, not just ‘destroy on the ground’.  Apart from listing and pointing out details about F-15Es that should or should not be on your Strike Eagle for that particular time period, the instruction sheet includes a number of internet links that will give you a lot more info about this curious strike, and F-15s in general.  Book references are also added for good measure.  

The second subject of this Desert Raider Part.2 sheet is a F-16C that sported some rare and temporary artwork (since permanent artwork was not allowed) made with grease pencils.  This particular F-16C was thus called ‘Wild Child’ and flew 43 missions during Desert Storm.

As is usual with PaulusVictor, this product not only contains a lot of info about the selected two aircraft, but offers colour (with FS colour codes) 4-view illustrations for correct placement of the markings (that include a generous amount of stencils), advice on decaling and weathering and a 30th Operation Desert Storm Anniversary sticker that could come handy for a display base.

The decal sheet itself is small (remember, we talk ‘1/144’ here!) but as mentioned before contains everything needed to complete the two aircraft to a very high standard.  The markings are well printed, thin (important in this scale!) and react well with solvents.

This particular sheet is the second in (at time of writing) a series of three ‘Desert Raiders’ decal sheet, series that also includes markings for ‘sticking out of the lot’ A-10A and F-16C (Part.1) and F/A-18C and A-6E (Part.3) Desert Storm birds.

Another masterful stroke by PaulusVictor, superb product in a very professional and useful packaging, and originality on top.

Review and pictures by Domi Jadoul.

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